Back like Cooked Crack....

I have no idea what the expression about cooked crack means, I just heard it, so don't call the feds. Anyways I know I have been M.I.A for the longest and haven't blogged in forever. Hell I even lost a few followers and that's fine and for those who still rockin with me, I appreciate it and "LOVE YOU LONG TIME!" Anywho, y'all I tell you I have been sleeping my ass off and working too. I just been so distant and trying to beat this fatigue. So my friend Trice turned 22 this past weekend and they all went to the club. Originally I wasn't going to go because I was supposed to see N.E.R.D that night but I had to close at work so I wouldn't have made it and plus my lazy eye been acting up. Now you're probably like, "Breezi F, you dont have a lazy eye!" And I don't. It just came up one day after a week of not taking out my contacts and having mascara on my lashes and heading straight to bed. The ending result is not pretty cause your eyes will be glued shut in the morning. =( So anyways, I beat the fatigue and squashed tension with Trice (We were not speaking prior to this outing but since Im the life of the party lol I was there) and went to the club anbd enjoyed myself. I did have a nice time, danced, drink a bottle of water and even had some dumb girl pour beer down the side of my dress. Fun times.

Getting Ready 2 Head Out

In the Club

Myself & Latoya.....I think we was talkin bout somebody

He was gettin it!


LAME in my ear.....

Hemmed up in the corner and Heff looks confused?!

Outie ♥
Breezi F.


Mista Jaycee said...

Nice Pics and it's good to see you back.

Brothers Blog said...


Nice pics. Oh dude was getting it for a white dude and he was holding 2 drinks. lol

Craigjc said...

Welcome back. We missed cha.


Bombchell said...

the blue dress is hot!