Hey Mssss. Clayyyytttooonn, Tell me where you been?

Okay I know I said like two months ago I was back like cooked crack and I fooled myself. Lately yours truly, breezi F hasnt been feeling to well or herself lately! I know your like, "WHAAAATT?" Yeah, I know. I found out what the hell was wrong with me people. The Good Lord decided that I needed to be pregnant again. Lol. As of today 13weeks! Yay, Little Gavin will be a BIG BRUH! I know he'll be geeked. I had mixed emotions at first about being a mommy now but after two ER visits and some self love (lol) I'm stoked. I know school is gonna be on hold next semester but I'll surivive. As long as I have the love and support of my Best friend/baby daddy/right-hand man I will be a-ok! Oh also, at my job I gotta lil promotion as assistant manager! After 2 months! WHAT WHAT! BAAAALLLLiiiiiNNN! Lol Loves it. Anywho, I have been on bed rest for almost a week which sucks but I'll be off soon. Uhhhh, I missed all my faithful followers and still I hope you guys still read and didn't forget about little ole me. I will continue to keep you entertained cause "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED????" lol Anywho, Im goin back to lay down on the couch I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget I was a blogger, I just missed you much to tell you all I heart you! lol

Breezi F.


Ms. Naomie said...

(lets see for how long lol)

okay so despite the fact that today's April Fools Day I'm gonna assume you're serious..so CONGRATS!

the other day i'm lookin at blogs i follow like wtf happened to Breezie F? lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Omg I missed you soooooooo much!!!

But I see you've been busy so I'm not mad! ::big wink::

Congrats on being preggers! Aw have you thought about names yet?

Breezi F said...

@Ms.Naomie--hey boo! i missed you too! yeah I am serious no APril Fools Joke! lol

@Tuotierugif--you know i misses you too! lol I thought of a few names but I dont want2 jinx myself and end up with another boy!

Mista Jaycee said...

Congrats on the baby! Glad you are back!