Introducing Aaliyah

Finally. After all of the drama, anticipation, the highs and lows, my daughter Aaliyah made her debut. She was born on Tuesday, 10.06.09 at 8:44 pm. I fell in love all over again. She is absolutely beautiful and definitely a blessing from God. I am so happy to have her in my life, you guys just don't understand. Liyah and Gavin are my heart! Many people have been asking when am I going to talk about my experience through my blog, and now I finally have time. LOL.

See, what had happen right, Liyah was two days late and I wasn't going to play the waiting game!! So Monday afternoon, My mom, Gavin, and Myself went on a walk for about 45 minutes because they say walking helps out with labor. After my walk all I had was sore thighs, wack. I wanted contractions. So I googled ways to go into labor and I kept hearing people say either sex or Castor Oil. I wasn't in the mood for sex and had no clue what the fack Castor Oil was so I dug a little deeper. A lot of women tried it and went into labor shortly with no problems so I got the bright idea to go buy some Castor oil and see what happens. Sidenote: Castor Oil is this thick, molasses, disgusting medicine that is used when people are constipated lol! So anyways, I bought it came home and mixed two tea spoons with some orange juice. After I downed it, I felt nothing. In mind I was like this shit ain't gonna work!! So I left it alone. Later that night, Acey (my partner) and I went to the movies to Surrogates (Btw, was a good movie!!) and ten minutes into the ending of the movie I started to feel pains at around 11:16 pm. Another ten minutes later I felt the same cramps and realized these are possible contractions! So by the time we got home I was still timing myself and realizing they were roughly ten minutes apart. I called my doctor and was told if they get to five minutes apart to come in. So we went to bed and at that moment I was thinking, I ain't really going into labor cause I can sleep through these. This was around 1 am. I woke up later at 4am because of pains and i know this had to be REAL! I called the nurse and she advised me to come on in. After I was examined and monitored, they decided to keep me and prepare for delivery cause I was at 4cm dilated.

Hours later, I was getting closer to having her and time was going by slow. Contractions were closer together and very strong. I did have an epidural but that thing wore off and I was starting to feel everything! We had a few scares because Liyah's heart rate would go from 125 beats then drop to as low as 90 even lower. With her fluctuating heartbeat, the doctors new she had to be born ASAP. I was given an oxygen mask and even had my bed flipped so my head was near the floor and feet straight up, to get the heart rate going and to prevent the cord from going around her neck. I was about 8cm dilated and they expected her arrival in the next hour.

Acey went to grab a drink and my mom had already left because she had to get Gavin then my nurse went to go check on other patients. Perfect time for everyone to dip because I had to PUSH!!! It was time! I forgot I had a nurses button so I sat and cried through each contraction! Like I felt it all. Finally my weeping caught someones attention and I had like ten doctors and nurses in my room yelling to tell me I gotta push. I didn't want to at all, especially since Acey wasn't there but I had to. After a forced push, Acey was there to my right holding my hand, "Push babe! You have too!!" I felt relieved but i was still scared. After a few pushes, I saw everyone face with a look of concern and I realized the heartbeat machine thingy wasn't beeping. I asked Acey what was wrong but he said nothing was but then he asked Tyler, the nurse what happened. Liyah's heartbeat was very low so I had to get her out! Acey didn't want to get me worked up even more cause I was gone freak the fack out but I knew I had to get her out. Three pushes later, she was here. Alive and healthy.

It's been five days since I had her and life has just got 100 times better. I have two beautiful, healthy kids and a supportive partner. I'm happy that things are going right and I can't wait for what lies ahead. This was a blessing and one experience I'll never forget. I love everyone who has been there and didn't walk away when I needed them the most.


Breezi F.


D.V. said...

Congratz breezy!

Tough-Love said...

congratulations she is beautiful

Neesh B Fly said...

she is cute..Congrats

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Teesha said...

She is such a cutie !!! Congratssss

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Liyah! Welcome to the whole new kid! How do you like it so far? Clowns are evil! Take that from your Favorite Uncle/Blogfather Mista Jaycee.

Much Love and Blessings