Internet Everlasting Love?

Internet dating seems to be all the rage now-a-days or is it? Some people think it is desperate and only ugly people do it but lately it seems to become more popular. I was talking to my friend the other day, we'll call her "Britney" to protect her identity, yeah Britney, I like that lol. Anyways, Britney told me she was going to meet up with a guy whom she met off of a dating website. When she told me I literally LOL'd because I could just imagine her online dating profile. Now Britney is far from unattractive and I can't imagine it being difficult for her to find a date. Her reasons happen to be that it is hard to find a "good guy" now-a-days and just finding the time to play the whole cat and mouse game. So putting up a profile, giving a few of your interests and your best photos happen to be more convenient. I supported her because hey, to each its own but I did advise her to be careful. Internet dating is the same as meeting a stranger off of the street; KEEP YOU GUARD UP. Also I advise her to make sure your first date is public in case you need witnesses or a scapegoat. LOL Besides the downfall, I mean I guess there are some positives because there are a lot of people who do the Internet dating and have actually had successful relationships, hell even marriage. Not all people are the pervs, lonely and ugly that hide behind the computer stereotype that is most common with Internet daters. I admit I have met people off of Myspace years ago, ahem, and I have had my share of disappointments. Either they were way off from the pictures or just turned off by their personality. So I really don't think it is for me but then again when I get approached by guys I can get the same results as the guys off the net. So would you ever date off the Internet or maybe you have? Details!? I wanna know your opinion or success/horror stories!??

Breezi F.