Take me there...

Have you ever heard a certain song that just takes you out of your element? Brings you back to a certain place or remind you of someone? Lately, it's been happening to me. Sometimes to a happy place but majority of the songs I've heard put me in the position to break down and just cry. Eventhough things that are taking place in my life are trying to get better, certain lyrics put me in an awkward position and gets my brain ticking. I heard the song lyric from Jasmine Sullivans', Lions, Tigers & Bears and this stuck out to me "Just 'cause I love you and you love me, it doesn't mean that we're meant to be." It made me think of the relationship I have with my child's father. We had a super tight relationship but the odds were against us and we kept failing. Just because I loved him so maybe we just weren't meant to be. It made me shed a few tears. Soon after that I heard Beyonce's Halo. That song puts me in a happy place because after our arguments and the sun pierces through our rain (so to speak) I feel like somethings come over me and he's my "halo." But what inspired this blog, is when I was leaving the restaurant tonight with my friends, as soon as I turned on my car I heard this lyric from Ashanti's, The Way that I Love You; "You left your sidekick on the nightstand and I read everything you told her and everything you said and now were standing here once again." That stook out like a sore thumb because I'd fuss about the msgs in his sidekick and the girls. Corny, I know but it feels like when I hear a certain song lyric and it moves me emotionally, I feel its for a reason. What could that reason be? Does it happen to you too? I believe everything has a purpose but is it a sign or just a coincidence?



ill;kinda said...

well you know music is someone elses expression in the beautiful art form that it is. & I'm sure plenty of women have felt the same way over a man (different men of course) but the reality is the same thing happens in relationships we don't know about, so for someone else to be singing your life story isn't rare but very common for someone to feel the way you do.
OMG-- I hate when people always say don't try and relate ur life to a song, because trust I can name about 40 songs , that have fit perfect in a situation in my life at one point in time.
keep up the good work love :)

TrueLoveWaits said...

I feel you dawg. That song "Thinking of you" by Katy Perry. EVERY LYRIC means something to me I can relate to each one.