Baby Bump♥

16 weeks and my baby bump is just a growing!

I am actually startin to feel flutters already.
10.02.2009 seems so far from now but I know it'll approach swiftly.
I can't wait to find out what its' sex is.
Hopefully it's a girl!
I already have her name picked out: Ava Nicole
But if it's a boy I don't have a definate name =(
But I am fond of the name: Brayden
But Mr. Booker isn't going for that lol =(
Any suggestions?
I'll keep you all updated as I keep expanding =)
Here's my First born.
Mr. Gavin Christoper =) He's 17 months now.
Bad as ever and running the show.
I think he knows there's a baby in my belly.
Every chance he gets he's kickin' and hitting it =(
Hope he won't be a mean Big Bro.

Breezi F.


Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

OMG ... So congrats hunny!*
I may not know you, but I am extremely excited for you. I love pregnancy. I may not be able to have children so whenever I hear about pregnancy I get extra happy ..

God bless you and your unborn baby, AND your gorgeous little boy.

If I were to have a boy I would name him Iman Soleil (pronounced Solay) .. it means faithful son.


Tre' Mani .. I don't know what Tre' means .. it's my lovers favorite name .. and Mani means man of God ...

I love names that have some nice meanings. Did you know the name Damian means Devil? .. I actually know a Damian who is a huge asshole .. lol

D.V. said...

Congrats Breezi...hope for health


Notion said...

the birth of a child is truly a wonderful thing i wish nothing but good things for you and the little ones, and he's cute lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw he's jealous! lol he'll get over it soon cause he'll have someone to boss around ;)