Freedom of Speech?

The first amendment that I use very well. I am a very vocal person which can be a good and a bad thing. At first growing up, I was very timid when it came to saying how I felt because I didn't want to hurt feelings or just drama but when I didn't speak up for myself, people ran over me. So since about 12 years of age, I been bossin' so to speak and saying what I felt regardless of the aftermath. With that being said, with the drama going on in my life, I have been very vocal about how I felt about every person involved and their actions even when it wasn't my place to get mad or to even say something about it. I'm a grown ass woman and I was feeling I can say what the hell I want to anyone and you're going to like it. No, sadly it doesn't work like that. Everyday people are going to do things around you that you don't like and I realized that. I don't have to speak on it EVERYTIME because even if you voice your opinion people are still going to be the same simple minded that they are and I couldn't keep beating them in the head until they got what I was saying. I realized that yeah, I am an adult. Number two, I can say what I want, it is the law. Number three, there is a time and place to say what you feel and there are times when you just have to bite your tounge. After these past few days, I have realized that and accepted that. So to avoid any more drama I cut off the people who were giving me a problem and vice versa, so I won't have to speak on anything and continue to live my life and grow. It takes the bigger person to realize their mistakes and how to correctly use their freedom of speech.

Breezi F.


Notion said...

i love my freedom of speech because my life is poetry