Dear Victim...

Let's not sugar coat this so let me just explain off bat...I'm hard headed, spoiled, and have very bougie tendacies. I can be a bit needy and I throw temper tantrums when I don't get my way. I like to be the only one cause I don't share; hence, I don't play well with others. I hate arguing so when we get into an argument it isn't over until I get the last word. Sorry. I like communication so speak your mind because I will at all times. I like to ask questions, lots of them. I admit some are dumb but I still like answers. Got it? I am a sucker for romance♥, so if you wanna send me flowers or leave me a love note; you'll win me over! I like to kiss your cheek for no reason and hold your hand when you are driving; a silent way to let you know I care. I will never tell you the sky is orange, you know why? Its called lying so don't do it to me. If you're ever mad with me or vice-versa, I rather it not just blow over, work it out. I like chances, but don't abuse the privelage. What's in it for you? Well if u can put up with me, you'll be on cloud 9. I pinky promise.

Love Always,

Breezi F.