Since I've been M.I.A from the blog I have had a lot of things going on. I don't know if its because the increase of hormones and estrogens that have had me on edge or is it that I've reached my boiling point with certain people. I think it is a little of both. So the latest to blow up in my world is the end of my 7 year friendship with the used to be best friend of mine, Kristen. For a couple months, hell maybe even longer than that our friendship has been iffy and has deteriotated greatly. Since she has betrayed me and always talked about my back from jump street my trust with her has been, since then leary. I mean who wouldn't be that way. When I try to confide in her when I needed her the most she wouldnt say much but "Oh." "I'm if here if you need me." "Damn." What kind of shit is that? So today I found out that ex (which is still my best friend and my childs father) was over her place so his friend can see Brandy. Acey told me he did of course, and yet I told him I didnt like that idea because Kristen used to be infatuataed with him and I know how she is/was. So not to be shisty I came to Kristen and told her the same thing and yet it spilled into something way deeper and the conversation went a little like this:


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[Tue Apr 7 2009 08:44:31 PM] J3SSRabbit: As to what I was sayin before i had 2 bounce....1st and foremeost about the whole Acey problem , before you run back and tell whatever i say to you befroe i came to you i went to him first my problem isnt Acey its you. Secondly whatever i did and do with acey regardless of HIS PAST, as in PAST TENSE doesnt concern you so if i was number 50-leven thats my issue not YOURS. Secondly since you gotta big issue wit me bing at your HOUSE dont worry bout me ever showin my face

xxteezixx: real talk u shouldnt have a problem wit me cuz i aint do shit to u!!!!
xxteezixx: asked me a question and i told u to ask him cuz i was gonna keep it 100 wit u regaurdless what he said
xxteezixx: i jus wanted to kno he he was gonna be honest wit u from jump[Tue Apr 7 2009 08:46:49 PM] J3SSRabbit: u should been 100 off the bat not pausing thats npt REAL
xxteezixx: and as ur friend u shouldnt think i would do anything wit acey ever again since yall been in a relationship thats not me

J3SSRabbit: pssh im jus sayin i dont put nothin past nobody

xxteezixx: right but he cheats on u and u give him 2nd chance
xxteezixx: rrrriiiiigggghhhhhttttt
xxteezixx: i may be a bitch but as my friend i would never do u dirty like that

J3SSRabbit: and thats agian once AGAIN MESSICA AND ACEY i aint gotta anser 2 you about cheatin we past that. LIKE is aid i dont put nothin past nobody

xxteezixx: and i still dont kno what the fuck i did to u for u to have a problem or feel some type of way of him being over here its not like i was the only one here so taht jus shows me that ur insecure about something when it comes to him if i told u b4 that i dont want him what it was is what it was and thats it then u should be able to deal wit that and believe me...like i keep tellin everybody i dont have a PROBLEM wit anybody being over here it jus would have been nice if u said something
[Tue Apr 7 2009 08:55:20 PM] xxteezixx:
but it is what it is and no need to go any further


xxteezixx: wtf u should have been chucked the deuces wen it came to me then
xxteezix: dont have me thinkin ur a close friend if u feel that way!!
xxteezixx: real talk talkin about somebody keepin it funky wit u lol righ
xxteezixx: goodbye jessica it was fun while it lasted i wish u the best in life wit u and ur kids!
xxteezixx: holla!! cuz there is no need to say shit else to me and im damn sure not gonna say shit else to u!!!

J3SSRabbit: psssh okay keep in mind im not the only one who said they wont tust u round their man either,
J3SSRabbit: i been kept it 100% wit ya ass wether you liked it or not
J3SSRabbit: and tahts fine

xxteezixx: and thats fine glad ppl kno how to talk behind others back and not keep it real supposed to be year of change when aint nobody changin shit and 100 wit me ha not if u been feelin that way but still havin me think everything is all good..i bet u enjoied me and acey not being friends but holla!!!

J3SSRabbit: whatever, just as much as he did!

xxteezixx: Messages will be delivered when the buddy goes online.


Intense right thenshe had the nerve to sign off, childish. Whatever I'm done. I realize you just grow out of people sometimes and you win some and then you lose some and I just lost one and I am a ok.

The good ole' days...
Breezi F.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Sucks that a friendship that has gone on for so long had to end this way but the good thing is you have someone who doesn't want the best for you out of your life ;) Maybe you two can work it out?